What sort of Business Analyst are you looking for?


Historically engaged to create large documents, the Traditional Business Analyst creates detailed Business Requirements and Specifications to then manage their approval by Senior Business Managers.

A filler of Word and Excel templates, producing extended detailed documents that are rarely understood by decision makers.


With a focus on project outcomes, the Agile Business Analyst works with an Agile Team to iteratively build project deliverables in the form of a sequence of sprints.

Collaborative tools are used to turn user stories into tested functionality.

The Business Analyst work products while supporting the delivery of each Sprint can often bury important higher level information in each Sprint’s details.


Addressing business outcomes, the Visual Business Analyst utilises diagrams and data to track project outcomes and the value they create.

All project activities (user stories, builds, tests and operational support) are tracked with their their ability to support business value clearly visualised.

At the end of the project the Business has measures of the Business Outcomes integrated with the embedded tools and culture to drive continuous improvement in a clear easily understood visual form.